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Open Spaces by Jennifer Rye

My paintings are made using a variety of materials, including sand, pure pigment, gesso, paint and wax. I continue to build up the image while introducing acrylic inks, graphite and oil sticks.

The paintings are always a narrative of open spaces that are a window onto the landscape. I make sketches, notes and continue the process by taking the drawings back to the studio and starting my subjective response.

Today I'm using the digital camera as a sketch book.

The camera can pluck out a moment in time. It is a great catalyst that can make extensive descriptions. My work is continuously based on a suggestion seen and remembered in nature.

Artists make work that involves testimonial, poetic and empathetic imagination as a basis for engaging with complexities of the environment. Our perception of nature and the universe comes closer to terms that should be understood as history, memory, psychology, desires and empathy.

How I perceive the world around me, and how the perception has changed with complex and multi-layered facets has been an incredible journey.

My work can be seen as a metaphor.

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