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Inspiration by Catherine Taylor Parry

I have always loved to paint since being inspired by my school art teachers, in an otherwise stuffy academic grammar school. I went on to study a degree in Fine Art /Painting at Staffordshire University, where I enjoyed the freedom to experiment in a range of materials and techniques. Whilst there I created installations, sculptures and paintings all with enthusiasm.

I have been living in North Wales with my family in a beautiful old cottage for 14 years and have used the amazing landscape as inspiration for my work. My ability to go out into the countryside is limited by my wheelchair due to MS, so I grasp every opportunity to absorb the feelings and images that I see as fleeting images that pass by.

The misty mornings, or the sunrise over the yellow flowered fields. I use these images to create abstract, atmospheric paintings, which I leave open to interpretation. Though a close look will reveal something of my frustration with my access. I love to use Acrylics and I am a member of NAPA. I love the colour and the freedom it gives me. I experiment with mark making and qualities of the paint.

I have recently moved my studio to my garden, from an industrial estate in Flint to a more inspiring space in my garden. Now I can have access whenever the inspiration takes me. My practise also involves working on a larger scale pieces and creations in 3D.

I have exhibited since university and have work in a number of galleries and private collections. 2018 was a busy year for me ending the year at Chester Arts Fair. 2019 also promises to be an exciting year with exhibitions already planned at ’Galeri’ Caernarfon, Mold, Denbigh and Bristol.

My studio is open by appointment and my website is

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