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Mixed Media

Ronnie lives and works as an Artist in North Wales. She taught Art as a Community Tutor for 16 years.

Ronnie enjoyed teaching; she saw it as sharing   ideas with like minded people. She offered ideas and inspiration to others yet, paved her own creative path at the same time.

Recently retired, she continues to develop her style through experimentation, and exploration of materials, “I think it’s important for an Artist to move forward so that the work doesn’t stagnate”. 

Ronnie uses a roller as well as a paint brush, because of the texture it creates. “I look for tools to create further texture and detail, e.g. bits of card, sponges, masking tape, papers etc.”  Textural quality adds interest to her paintings, which encourages the viewer to look a little closer into her work.

In this Exhibition of new work by Ronnie, she has taken her love of collage a stage further. She covers the support with collaged papers and looks for an area within this abstract background, to draw out the image.

It is the coasts of North Wales, Anglesey, Ireland and Cornwall, which give Ronnie her inspiration.

These places are made up of amazing textures, old boats left on the beaches, rock pools and cliff tops, frayed ropes and fishing nets. For Ronnie, these are the creative moments that inspire a future painting, and there are paintings waiting round every corner.

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