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I started to paint as an adolescent using gouache to paint birds in high detail and exhibited at numerous open exhibitions throughout Cheshire including my own successful solo exhibition at Ellesmere Port when virtually every painting sold.

In 2009 I made a conscious decision to turn professional and to change my subject and medium. I began painting in oils on canvas, something completely new to me, and loved it so much I decided to concentrate almost exclusively on this medium. 

Virtually all of my paintings are now oil on canvas and although the subjects vary from still life to animals and landscapes there is one recurring theme throughout my work and that is detail.

I respect the old techniques used by artists over the centuries, especially the Dutch methods and although I paint along similar lines I do not slavishly follow them.  I make full use of contemporary materials combined with compositions more modern in appearance. 

I am constantly improving with practice like all artists and my style may yet evolve further and in different ways.

That is the artistic journey all artists take. I have no philosophical or spiritual ideas behind my paintings. I paint simply because I enjoy it and like to see the enjoyment others have when viewing it.

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