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Watercolour and Silk Thread

Following her environmental degree, Rachel worked in Wildlife Conservation for many years before re-discovering her love of art. She went on to study illustration at Glyndwr University and now focuses on painting wildlife and landscapes. Her deep passion for conservation is evident in her work and often depicts species that are declining or suffering from loss of habitat.

Working from her studio at home she is surrounded by the atmospheric landscape of the Clwydians and it’s stunning wildlife and scenery which is very influential in her work.

Whilst working mostly in watercolours and natural dyes, she also uses an array of plant-dyed fibres such as silk and wool, to subtly enhance her paintings. This method of combining fibres and paint is unique to the artist, and the natural colourings of both the paint and the fibres are well matched to the subject matter.

Her work is often identified by areas of blank canvas where she has chosen to remove parts of the composition from her work to provoke us to think of what might have been or what might be…

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