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Mixed Media

My work is influenced by memories of life experiences, things seen, heard and read, music, literature, and the beauty and drama of the natural world and it's elements.

I do love a bit of drama!

These memories are the primary driving force behind all my abstracted mixed media paintings.    

Acrylics on solid board are ideal for my working method which begins with a textured ground and involve many layers of thick and thin paint washed, scrubbed, scraped, sanded, spattered and glazed using brushes, knives, spatulas, sponges, and fingers.

Textures are added with pastes, gels, marble dust, metal foil, collected natural and man-made objects, anything that I feel may help me to express the vision I have in my head.

It is an instinctive and exciting process, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Every painting is an emotional personal journey of contemplation and discovery.

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