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I am a Watercolour Artist who is constantly striving to capture the ethereal, ever changing  beauty of the natural world.

I find myself continually influenced by pattern, especially negative spaces and light. I see subjects, often in overlooked spaces. I attempt to move away from a representational approach, in order to allow the subjects to move, and to keep a feeling of transient change.

Watching the progression of man-made structures crumbling, and the encroachment of the earth/plant realm upon them continually animates me.

My pictures are often viewed through barbed wire/old windows and broken walls that enhance the perception of looking out into a vista of wild impelling wilderness. When I come across, for example, light, lingering on an abandoned old building or remnant of such, I have a desire to communicate something of the process of            disintegration and the beauty of decline.

Watercolour has the power to paint itself, if you hold your nerve and go with the flow. Where it  meanders it creates new tones and marks, that cry out for expression. My work is forever evolving as   I discover how to stretch and bend the medium.     

I am endeavouring to slow down, to keep pace with the water cycle and to exploit the opportunities that arise in the drying process.

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