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Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media

Born in Hertfordshire in 1969, Jennifer studied at Wimbledon school of art and North Wales School of art and design. She has been awarded her BA and MA in fine Art.

Painting is her passion; She paints and teaches in her studio in North Wales.

She uses and incorporates many materials in her painting process and her central focus is on colour and texture.

“I start a piece of work from a drawing in my sketchbook or from a photograph taken from my camera, the camera works as a catalyst plucking out a moment in time, the sketchbook and camera are very personal to me, they go with me everywhere, this is where the narrative begins. Back in the studio I build the work into a finished piece."

She is very influenced by the German artist Anselm Kiefer and his insights into Landscape and memory.

She is currently studying Art Therapy Masters degree at Chester University; once she graduates, she will be a fully qualified psychotherapist using the arts.

In 2019 she has a solo exhibition planned in New York.

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