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Pastel and Acrylic

Jackie feels she has discovered the pleasure of  experimenting with pastels and mixed media rather late in life.

After only  two or three workshops with Paul Pigram she began to develop a real interest in creating landscapes, trees and flower paintings particularly. 

The goal in her work is to use colour and light to create atmosphere.  She would love to progress further with portrait painting but it can only be said that her self-portraiture has not been entirely successful so far! 

Art subjects were always a favourite at school but Jackie chose nursing, as with youthful enthusiasm she felt this would be ‘useful’.  Whilst nursing at Guy’s was certainly worthwhile and an excellent training she did not pursue it as a career mainly due to domestic circumstances. 

Whilst bringing up small children, moving house several times, holding the fort on the domestic front for an extremely busy husband, Jackie still managed to slot in courses in pottery, life drawing and watercolours. 

In 2004 Jackie succeeded in obtaining a degree in Art History and English Literature from Chester University. 

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