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Oil and Watercolour

Since moving to Wales six years ago after a life and career in the North West of England, I have had the time to pursue my ambition to paint.

I have loved Wales since being a child and throughout my early career have produced artwork based on the country’s grand majesty and tradition yet being ever mindful of its despoilment and the land’s awesome ability to recover and regenerate, so becoming even more multi-layered and fascinating.

Now that I live here, I have become intoxicated by the sheer beauty of all that surrounds me. I am interested in the authenticity of rendering the ‘ordinary’ beauty of a place, not so much its ‘epic’ nature.

The colour blue seen in an open sky, the pattern of inter weaving branches on bare winter trees, the texture of tree bark against a scattering of leaf litter are all things that move me and motivate me.

So, a view from the end of the village road or the minutia of a small place down at my feet gives me ample inspiration to follow my artistic pursuit.

Walking is key to the way I see things, I like to tread paths many times to familiarise myself, and this has become important to my way of working. With my trusty camera always by my side enabling me to capture the views and momentary glimpses that catch my eye and stay in my memory long afterwards.

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