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l left Manchester Art College in 1978 to work as a self employed potter in Chester and then Mold, North Wales for 19 years.


Too many years of cold wet clay and a change was needed so I went back to my love of drawing and painting as well as training to teach in further education. 

My classes have evolved from the more craft based to now purely watercolours, drawing and a few other techniques thrown in to keep my students on their toes! 

My own style of work has also evolved but there is a trace that still goes back 40+ years during my potting years - lots of detail in the lines, now superimposed in my take on trees, flowers and landscapes. 

My guilty pleasure is to draw cartoons of everyday occurrences of which I shall hang a few here as well.  

I take part in the Art Trails in Cilcain Village Hall (Cilcain Artisans) each September with 4 other art/craftspeople. I am also actively working on establishing an arts centre for Flintshire in Mold after seven years chairing the Flintshire Visual Arts and Crafts Network.

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