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Oil, Pastel and Watercolour

Claire was born and raised in North Wales and though she moved away from the area, each time she returned twice in love with it. It was as though she was bound to the rugged mountains and stark coasts by an unbreakable enchantment.

After embracing the area as her home, Claire drew her inspiration from the Welsh landscape. Her palette is always stocked with the luscious greens and sumptuous purples that so often appear throughout the Clwydian range and beyond. Landscapes are her first love, but portraiture and custom commission work allow her to flex her creativity in a slightly different way.

While she was traditionally trained, completing her Fine Art course at the North Wales School of Art and Design in Wrexham and continuing her studies at Camberwell College of Art in London, Claire never stops learning. She still considers herself a student and counts the notable artist Bernard Willems as a key mentor.

Claire has created these paintings to express her deep love of nature in all it's moods, from storm set crags to sublime summer skies. Her objective is to convey how the ancient mystery of the Welsh culture reflects in the people and places of this land.

She has exhibited her work throughout North Wales and is delighted that her painting are displayed and loved in homes across Europe and the United States.

Claire is the North Wales Artist's Cooperative Chairperson and vice Chair for the Willems Fine Art Academy a figure drawing and portraiture group.

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