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Having graduated from Bristol in 1991 with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, Angie spent a while longer in Bristol before the draw of the Welsh landscape and coastline became too powerful to resist any longer and she moved back to her hometown of Mold in North Wales.


After several years of taking on various illustration projects, large murals, running art workshops and running a gallery, in 2010 Angie changed direction creatively and started painting in oils and those beautiful Welsh land, sea and skyscapes became the subject of her paintings.


The ever-changing skies have become a particular subject and Angie states - 'I am often stunned by the ethereal beauty gifted to us by the weather, particularly along our coastline and feel compelled to attempt to capture the mood, essence and emotion evoked by such events.  I draw upon memories and senses, music and literature, as well as photographs and sketches, but frequently a painting will emerge as something different.'


Angie finds oil paint the perfect medium due to its fluidity and movement. 'I find it works well for me when applied thinly. I have a tendency towards much blending and the building up of layers in an attempt to achieve an element of transparency and a haziness of light.


I’m still learning - I always will be – but it’s an educational journey full of colour and optimism and I love it!’

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