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My work is a response to the drama of the North Wales landscape which I have been fortunate to have spent over thirty years exploring and to the coastline of Pembrokeshire where I grew up and love to revisit.

There is an immediacy about painting in the medium of watercolour that never fails to excite me, I love the unpredictability of the medium and uncertainty of the outcome. 

The process often starts with a specific idea and careful planning which then gives way to responding to the power of the paint and the paper to go their own way and - when it goes well – there’s an exciting element of discovery and unpredictability.  

This impossibility to predict the behaviour of the pigment also makes failure inevitable! However, every attempt – whether it ends up on a gallery wall or in the reject drawer – is another step in my endeavour to begin to explore the potential of the medium.

I also enjoy mounting and framing my own work which allows me flexibility and control, craft as opposed to art.

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